Low-voltage systems

We deliver complex, and ready-made solutions included the planing, authorization, operation, and maitanance as well.

Information technologies solutions for Industry

As we are low-voltage system experts we provide customized solutions for our clients.

Parking system

Control of Pay Parking or guarded parking, with mobile access.

Embedded systems

Designing complex embedded systesm. Software and hardware development.

Our Services

Low voltage systems planning, carrying, making, documenting.

  • • Fire and life protection systems
  • • Safety and property protection
  • • IT and Communication Networks
  • • Energetics


Our company is growing dynamically with high number of new customers on the yearly basis. We have refences in the fields bellow:

  • • Residential complexes
  • • Offices, public buildings, sport facilities
  • • Commercial centrals
  • • Industrial and agiricultural facilities
  • • Retail stores, and retail chains
  • • Swimming pools, spa and wellness centers.


We are monitoring our installed systems with cost effective remote surveillance, and we ensure the continous operation with field-work over the country.

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About Us

Complete low voltage systems and services

The low-voltage systems are integral part of the investments in any part of industry. They are used in family house, or building of hotel or any other large building. Essential expectation of the Customers, that the planing, the installation, operation, and maintanance of low-voltage systems should be provided in the highest quality. Furthermore, the integration of the different functions, are implemented at the highest level. CAsystem Facility Ltd. offers the solution for the demands mentioned above. Based on our services, we can satisfy your special requriements, with unique solutions, for special projects like greenfield investments or reconstructions.
CASystem Facility Ltd. delivers complex, readymade solutions included the planing, authorization, operation and maintanance as well.

Our Systems

Field of Fire and life protection

• Fire and life protection systems
• Voice alarm system
• Co danger sign system
• Heat and smoke extraction systems

Safety and property protection

• Surveillance video system (analog and IP CCTV systems)
• intrusion detection systems (perimétervédelem, térvédelem, tárgyvédelem)
• Access Control system (RFID, barcode, biometric), worktime, hote, and spa systems, access controls for factory
• Protection of products

IT and Communication Networks

• Information technology network
• Dish network (CATV)
• Intercom systems
• PA systems
• Health care systems
• Queuing systems
• Smart house systems

Development of Complex embedded systems

• Software development (C++, Java, .Net, Dart, Flutter)
• Development of real-time data collection systems
• Designing IoT (Internet of Things) systems
• Designing Defense systems
• Automation and engineering services

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